October 31, 2012

carving pumpkins

By Stowel Lake Farm

The skies cleared for us to have our whole carving party outside this year! All the bits of pumpkin are meant to stay outside, right? We had an eighties fitness workout queen, a pretty girl, a lion, and some of the men folk grew some funky hair overnight.

Did you know that the carved pumpkin tradition stems from the Irish/Scottish tradition of warding off the evil spirit of Jack of the Lantern? Traditionally people carved faces into turnips and potatoes and placed them glowing beside their doorstep for protection. Once this tradition came to America people started using pumpkins because they were easier to carve.

It’s a bring your own pumpkin party!

Around the fire.

Cast iron, pumpkin seeds, salt, fire…yum.

The workout queen.

Soot face “paint”.

Soup pot!

The chickens clean-up.

October 28, 2012

Santosha Yoga

By Stowel Lake Farm

What a great thing to do on a rainy October weekend! Dorothy Price’s weekend retreat, Yoga at the Farm, is happened this past weekend. Dorothy offers 3 or 4 weekend yoga retreats every year for beginner and more experienced practitioners. Her retreats are rejuvenating and fun, with lots of time for yoga, relaxing, hiking, kayaking or visiting the Saturday Market.

Dorothy specializes in small, intimate retreats so that she is able to attend to each student. She is a very experienced teacher whose calm, gentle nature puts all at ease. For more about Dorothy’s retreat go here.

October 26, 2012

Late Fall Thursday

By Stowel Lake Farm

{Thursday is Community Day on our Farm}
I am grateful for:
fixing the head gasket on my boat
*health in myself and others
*living in a place that attracts extraordinary people
*my halloween tree in my house
*living in a healthy community
*for the ability to connect deeply with my natural surroundings

Trimming Old Branches/cutting down Standing Dead Trees

He really did have super powers all day.

The cucumber are out and the greenhouse is getting fixed, but we are still harvesting ripe tomatoes from the other side!

Harvesting red peppers- they just keep on coming!


Part of lunch- mixed greens with feta, candied almonds and poached pears.

October 23, 2012

In the garden

By Stowel Lake Farm

This is us at this time of year – busy putting everything to bed for the winter. The incredible fall that we had out here has extended our season by weeks and certain crops, that would have been long gone other years, are just coming to an end now.
Our gardens that we need for first crops in the spring are mulched, the others have lush cover-crops growing strong. Winter vegetables are tucked into the ground awaiting the weeks and months of harvest to come.
Carrot tops hide under floating row cover, brussel sprouts wait for hands to pick them, zucchini plants are finally ready to come out, kale and chard stand firmly in place.
Greenhouse crops linger, the last of the tomatoes and pepper still being enjoyed. Autumn jobs begin – re-jigging our greenhouse so that it lasts us many more years, tools wait for winter maintenance. The season, in its own beauty, unfolds before us.
Lv. Liz
October 22, 2012

Bare Foot Farming

By Stowel Lake Farm

dawn’s early light illuminating the morning dew
with my hands in the soil and bare foot on the earth
the sun on my back with the warm wind blowing through the field
emersion in this cycle of the elements has been so nurturing


October 19, 2012


By Stowel Lake Farm

Thursdays are community day on our farm. We all show up and work, share lunch and, most importantly, spend time with each other. It is probably the most important ritual we have as a community of folks living together. We start with a gratitude circle.

I am grateful for:
*the grey skies because it makes the colours stand out so much more
*new driveway material to fill pot-holes
*Drummond Park and deep, dry maple leaves to walk, kick and play in
*miniature cowboy jackets on little girls
*watching the dump trucks come and chasing them down the road
*the men getting together to organize the selling of the farm truck

Planting bulbs

Baking Squash

Shredding corn stalks

Freshly harvested


October 17, 2012

Trading with Neighbours

By Stowel Lake Farm

The children ran through the forest to our Neighbours house.  They know where we are going and what we are doing as we been picking apples from this one special tree for years now.  Each spring we give our friends tomato, pepper and basil plants for their garden.  In exchange we get to pick their Spartan apple tree.  

The boys climb the tree and start filling boxes.  They are skilled at eating and picking at the same time!  This little fall ritual has warmed our hearts for years now.  It is so simple, yet keeps us connected.  We so value this and always look forward to seeing each other.

October 12, 2012

The unstoppable tomatoes

By Stowel Lake Farm

We grow many varieties of tomatoes here, BUT there are a two varieties that seem to go on and on giving us buckets of sweetness.

One is called Yellow Wonder Light.  It is a medium sized, determinate, early ripening tomato.  Could anything be better? We don’t think so! Here is a picture of it.

The other is called Cheesemanii (don’t ask about the name!). It is a beautiful tomato and a perfect variety for containers.  The tomatoes are a deep orange and tear drop shaped.  We could barely keep up with the harvest from one plant!  Below is a picture and one of Haidee collecting them for seed.

October 10, 2012

Thanksgiving at the beach

By Stowel Lake Farm

We were imagining our community Thanksgiving day full of play and freedom- a  day together to celebrate this special occasion of thanking the season, thanking each other, thanking the land and all its bounty. The beach was calling as was simplicity.  So we packed up our Thanksgiving feast loaded up all 26 of us on various boats and headed out to another island. Yes, island hopping to a smaller one with no human inhabitants.

Our annual co-created alter was largely made of found objects this year- crab shells, rocks, dried kelp, wild flowers, clamshells, and even a carved sailboat (with a feather for a mast).  We shared our connection to these items and what they represented to us.  The rock that is stable and will be here long after we are gone, the branch that has natures’ perfect design, the nest that weaves all of us together, the gratitude for living in this part of the world, the wood that is all around us, and joy to be sharing the day.

We were blessed by the clear skies, warm air and time together.  Our meal was perfect, delicious and easy. Once our bellies were full of our traditional homegrown Thanksgiving foods we hiked, swam and slept.  The sun set as we headed home and we piled on our jackets and remembered it was October. 

October 09, 2012


By Stowel Lake Farm

The apple trees are standing-
Not Straight. Limbs extended with
red, dusty fruit. 
I am standing, also not straight. 
Arms reaching to the Moon. 
A prayer. A song.
following paths of Silver and Grey –
the breeze bows grasses
leans flowers, Carries scents
To who knows where. 
The garden keeps its secrets, held
in October rotting. In the beautiful dying. 
Lying, Curled and still. 
Breathing with the Crickets’ Song-
Catching. falling. Insistent. 
And the grasses move back into their darkness
I move forward into mine.
by Nicola