June 21, 2013

Our Solstice Celebration

By Stowel Lake Farm

Summer Solstice is a special time for all of us. We relish in the long days and all the wonderful time spent outside working and playing.  So when thinking about celebrating Summer Solstice it seemed appropriate to be outside and play together. And so the idea of a farm camp out and games was born. We didn’t need to go far from home to have a completely different experience. In fact,  just going to our field by the lake was enough. The tents were set up all together and we cooked camp food over the fire. It was simple and easy and we were all there to be together in celebration of this high time. The kids went from tent to tent checking out all the different ‘bedrooms’.  And then the classic summer games began!
Setting up home for the night
IMG_9726roasting hotdogs- of course!
IMG_9729 The evening scene.
IMG_1842 The games started simple- just running.
IMG_1790 Then on to crab crawl…
IMG_1834Men’s sack race- crazy skills!
IMG_1837 Sack race finals!
IMG_1866 Adult child 3 legged races.
IMG_1904 Oh here comes trouble.
IMG_1871 and more trouble
IMG_1915 The kids are pretty strong around here.
IMG_1952 and the adults are pretty balanced.
IMG_9703After a story and guitar and singing around the fire it is time for in the tent
IMG_1988We were blessed by the summer sun and greeted it with some yoga.
IMG_1991 Happy Summer Solstice!

June 14, 2013

It’s June!

By Stowel Lake Farm

We are now officially in the abundance of the summer garden bounty! It is this time of year that I try to take the time to walk the gardens for pure eating pleasure- it’s like a living dining experience. I move from the fresh snap peas to various kinds of lettuce to spinach to carrots and then finish off with a strawberry feast. Inevitably I will harvest other things along the way that need to be cooked like beets and new potatoes.  If I forget a basket I end up trying to juggle it all- today I found a straw hat left in the field from yesterday- it worked perfectly for my new potatoes. Here are a few pictures from todays walk- enjoy.

These are the first of our peas! We had some pea disasters in early spring so these have been a little long in coming.
Lettuce perfect for salad mix picking.
Our tomato plants happily in the ground.
Salt Spring Early – a soft-neck variety of garlic that we have been growing for years that came from our favourite seed saver Dan Jason. This variety (as its name suggests) is ready to be pulled about a month earlier than other varieties. So great when you’re waiting for fresh garlic!
Picking chard.
Poppies in the greenhouse.
The first heads of broccoli are staring to form.
After an epic effort to erect our new net, we are now going to enjoy an abundant strawberry season!
happiness is!