July 30, 2013

Visiting Farmers

By Stowel Lake Farm

We had the pleasure to visit beautiful Foxglove Farm yesterday and have a fabulous tour by Michael Ableman. It is always inspiring to visit another farm and see what is going on. In this case A LOT is going on and we laughed about whether it was inspiring or overwhelming. I think the consensus was inspiring and we took away many little tips from Michael. He shared with us his tried and true varieties, his irrigation tricks, his failures and successes and he let our 4 children in tow run free in the raspberry patch!!  But last but not least he shared time with us and we deeply value spending time with someone so connected to the land and growing the best food possible.


Michael sharing one of the first precious cantaloupes with us. We all had to close our eyes and smell it first- it was divine.
IMG_2901Meeting the other farmers and apprentices and making plans to share a meal together.
One of the many raspberries enjoyed.
More sharing and learning




July 05, 2013

Our hay is in the barn

By Stowel Lake Farm

With this hot weather this year the hay dried in just a few days.  Bringing the hay into the barn is a community event and we all show to help. Even those with bad hay fever find some way to help- like driving the truck with the windows rolled up. With all the helpers the job of bringing it in takes no time at all. It looks so beautiful lines up in the barn ready for the colder months. Doing hay is a timeless activity that feeds the soul.
2013-07-04 16.41.49

Bringing it in is one thing for sure, but let’s not forget the days and weeks before that Josh spends preparing the machines, checking the weather and shifting around his other farm tasks to make room for the haying. Josh always has quite a few little people watching him go round and round the fields and one lucky little boy even got to steer the tractor down the windrows.  They get to see the machines working and not working! Good thing Josh is OK with having an audience while figuring why the baler broke down.
2013-07-04 16.45.45




2013-07-04 17.27.31Into the Barn it goes.
2013-07-04 17.32.24

Sometimes it takes 3 to move a bale and 3 to watch it being moved!
2013-07-04 17.17.53

The ride to the barn was too short- it is so fun.