December 23, 2013

Winter Solstice

By Stowel Lake Farm

Our Winter Solstice spiral is always a very intimate and special ceremony. We light the candles to welcome the light back into our northern world. It is an opportunity to set an intention for yourself or send a prayer for a loved one. We sing together and witness each other bring in the light.
This year we got a big beautiful snowfall the day we planned our gathering so there were far fewer people that were able to make it. This meant, of course, that there were many left over apple candles. So the children and adults were able to walk the spiral several times each. A few of the more keen children ended up placing upwards of 5 apple candles each. Happiness.
Here are some photos of the preparation and the night of.
IMG_2602 IMG_2585 2 IMG_2577 2
IMG_4774 IMG_4742 IMG_4729

December 02, 2013

A bit of Thursday

By Stowel Lake Farm

Every Thursday we gather and work. Here are a few pictures of a late November Thursday. Christmas lights, recipe printing, children sweeping and still the most beautiful beets and carrots coming out of the garden. Enjoy. IMG_0121 IMG_0120 IMG_0126 IMG_0104 IMG_0114IMG_0105_2