February 23, 2014

Vipassana Retreat for Experienced Practioners

By Stowel Lake Farm

For the past number of years we have hosted the Salt Spring Vipassana Society‘s retreat for those familiar with the foundations of Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness practice, the more common themes of the Buddha’s teachings, and retreat life.

This year Heather was joined by Sister Ven. Pannavati from North Carolina, USA.  Sister Pannavati  has an unusual history and unorthodox path, whose wisdom manifests spontaneously and enthusiastically. She has a generous heart and deep insight.  She loves the dharma and especially the teachings of early Buddhism.  Her approach is original and refreshing.

This retreat was conducted in the traditional form: sitting and walking meditation periods throughout the day, with dharma talks, instructions, question & answer periods, and meetings with the teachers to discuss practice.

Feb 15 – 23.


February 17, 2014

And so it begins….

By Stowel Lake Farm

I know this is not an appropriate title because really, it never ends. We’re still eating carrots we planted last summer as we plant leeks we will eat next fall and winter. But we are on to the tasks of starting the season: ordering seeds, creating the new farm book, deciding all the what and where for the year, choosing our new apprentices.  Today, it felt like spring; sunny and warm, wet everywhere from last night’s rain. We are on our way, moving toward spring. The days are getting noticeably longer, daffodils are poking through the ground and there are seeds planted, not quite in the ground yet but happily in our little greenhouse. All of it so, so good.
Trays of leeks and onions planted.
Poking through…
The scene in the greenhouse.