March 25, 2014

March Break Camp

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have been the lucky host of a Spring Break CAMP! The program has been run by Amy Caesar, a registered school teacher who is passionate about teaching.  Her goal with this program was to build foundational skills through play and exploration. Many of the farm kids have attended the program and others who did not attend simply enjoyed playing with the group at lunch time!
Some play a group game while one plays with numbers.

They have been lucky to have sunny days for outside lunchtime and play. Amy has organized many group outdoor games.
A fine display of the art created.
When next week goes back to normal I think we will miss this sweet little March Break camp!
Many thanks to Amy for your love of this work 🙂

March 17, 2014

Chick House

By Stowel Lake Farm

Josh converted our really OLD hay wagon to a new chick house. It almost might have been easier to start from the ground up, but with Josh’s amazing skills we now have a PERFECT little mobile house that is big enough for the babies to grow in. It even comes with a window to look through!
Yesterday the chicks arrived by sea plane (very Salt Spring!). It is the fastest way to get the day old chicks to get to their new home. It was very exciting and as you can see they were greeted by a lot of us. We got 3 heritage varieties to try- New Hampshire, Barred Rocks and Light Sussex. Some will be our new layers and some the meat birds (the roosters). The kids and adults alike love to visit these babies everyday.
We dip each chick’s beak into echinacea as their first drink. This strengthens their immune system. Being Certified Organic we are not able to use the commercial vaccines.

March 11, 2014

Blessed by Matuto

By Stowel Lake Farm

Living here we are fortunate to host incredible and talented people. Last week we gave Matuto, a home away from home. Matuto, a multi-cultural band of 5 from NYC, stayed with us as they toured around this area getting everyone’s groove on. Their music is infectious, fun, energetic and inspiring. On their night off we shared some music and food. It was beautifully low key and they got all the children singing silly Brazillian tunes. Sometimes I revel in the beauty that drives through our red gates and shares the world with us. Clay Ross and Ze are two of the band members that will be teaching at fiddlecamp this year.
IMG_5962 IMG_5980

March 07, 2014

Storm Clean-up

By Stowel Lake Farm

The weather this February was wildly varied – below freezing temperatures one week and then the next it was like spring. A couple of weeks ago we had a storm that took us right back into winter. It snowed and snowed for two days straight and then the wind started. Trees and branches came down overnight and throughout the day as we could hear the cracks and crashes all around. We lost power, as did most on Salt Spring, but only for 24 hours or so and felt lucky to still be warm and cozy beside the wood stove. Walking through the woods after a snow like this is awesome, the chaotic destruction everywhere – nature is clearly not concerned with clean-up.  Unfortunately the snow and wind also caused major damage to many of our much loved trees and shrubs on the farm. We’ve had to say goodbye to the big cherry tree (above) which was right in front of the barn and was just a glorious tree, full of pink blossoms in the spring. Much of the destruction wasn’t obvious right away and only became evident as the snow started to melt. This past week the snow had finally melted enough to allow for some clean up to start. We have all be taking advantage of the branches everywhere, bringing them into our homes to welcome in spring (hopefully!).
A pile of branches collected
Away in the trailer
Creating beauty out of destruction