June 12, 2014

Strawberry Jam and Hay

By Stowel Lake Farm

The farm is buzzing with activity right now. Sometimes it feels like we are all going to buzz right off the farm! We talk a lot about how much we love our lives and also how to balance our home/business/community life. Lately we have caught ourselves saying that we are busy all the time. “Busy’ is our answer to everything. It is mostly good busy, but busy nonetheless. Not wanting to say ‘Busy’ all the time we have been joking about saying we are celebrating all the time. So ask us how we are and we are celebrating!
here are a few pictures of our lives right now in June.
IMG_1408 IMG_1439 IMG_1448

it is always a pleasure to find a hand written note like this in our office after a weekend retreat.

Outdoor artist. he actually spent a lot of time flicking the paint- no problem when outside.

stringing tomatoes- they are growing beautifully and fast now
IMG_6783Are braiding garlic is ready and so pretty!