October 14, 2014


By Stowel Lake Farm

A few of us lucky ‘Farmies’ made a trip to the interior of BC to visit a special farm in the small town of Keremeos to help plant garlic on Grandpa Stuart’s farm. We have developed a garlic mold issue on our farm and have had little success growing in the last few years. So having a few days in the field surrounded by the tall, steep interior mountains planting beautiful strong garlic was a blessing. We all work on Stowel Lake Farm and see each other daily, but being together off the farm was a great way for us to deepen our friendships and community. We were filled up with the time away, the sweet mountain air, the local wines (so good) and the daily camp fires.
splitting more galic with a little mate help
IMG_2507Grandpa and grandsonIMG_2459

IMG_2492 IMG_2519
Ahh the mountains! and the last of the summer flowers- it is getting cold up there.


October 13, 2014

Our Yurt Program

By Stowel Lake Farm

IMG_2352IMG_2454IMG_2356Big News! A group of farm and island parents have come together to hold a distributed learning program on the farm this year! It is affiliated with a program called Island Discoveries out of Vancouver. We have 15 children participating the program ranging from K-Grade 3. We are thrilled to have the support of Amy Caesar, who is a registered BC teacher. Amy is passionate about play based learning and integrating the farm’s natural learning environment into the children’s learning plans. We also have many mentors and parents who come regularly to take whoever is there. The group is made up of many ‘farm’ children as well as many ‘off farm’ children. It is wonderful to see them all out on the farm learning about the forest as well as writing in their daily journals. Here are a few pictures from the first few weeks. Enjoy!