February 23, 2015

February Days

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have had a particularly warm February which has beckoned us to work outside a lot. With more time outside it is easier to connect in with the waking land – watch buds swell, crocuses bloom, plan and dream. It is still quiet here on the farm so there is a lot of space for conversations and connection. We are well aware of the season unfolding before us and will attempt to take some of this February wisdom with us into the busyness ahead.

We have embarked on a new permaculture project with the guidance from Brendon Bauer and Michael Nickels. It is a giant project inspired by the need to be more self-sustainable and to truly be a model farm. We will be planting the first round of trees in this March. The picture above is of us working on the newly dug swales.

Mondays have changed for a few of us lately. We now take a gourd walk around the farm – this walk is sponsored and inspired by Guayaki. We get out of the office and walk and talk about the goings-on out on the farm – imagine that! It has quickly become a favourite and essential part of every week. Here are a few sights from this week:

IMG_3293 IMG_3290 IMG_3296 IMG_3301 IMG_3304 IMG_3303

This week a special someone turned 8 and all the farmies enjoyed a piece of his whale cake. An outside party in February- wow.

And then of course here are some of the children in the Yurt Program.
IMG_3010 IMG_3026


February 13, 2015

Book Bags

By Stowel Lake Farm

At closing circle most of the children at the Yurt Program were grateful for their new Book Bags. A few of us Mums volunteered to sew each child a special bag to take home reading home in. The bags were made solely out of material we already had so little bits of each of our homes are sewed into these bags. We had a wonderful time creating together, sharing stories, counselling and inspiring each other as the sewing machines raced along. Here are some pictures of the process.
IMG_3059 IMG_3062 IMG_3066 IMG_3057
IMG_3084 IMG_3086