May 20, 2015

Our May Days

By Stowel Lake Farm

May on the farm seems to start out in a calm manner. Everything is growing well and in order for the most part. There is plenty of space and dreams about the unfolding Summer ahead still developing. Then it all changes and by the end of May it it is full tilt around here! We have our annual Plant Sale/ Brunch/Open Farm Day, the retreats are busy and full, the irrigation needs turning on, we can practically see the plants growing and most importantly we are all outside in the ever warming air and long days. It is the most vibrant and wonderful time of year.
Here are some pictures of our May.

Plant Sale Day

Haidee is busy almost every weekend these days. Here she is prepping for the Metta Silent Retreat.

Nicola and the Irises

With the unusually warm weather our strawberries are ripe early!
IMG_4129 IMG_4130

A special someone turned 6!

The bike is a necessary mode of transport around here!
IMG_4137 IMG_4152

Our Yurt Program had a whale specialist visit. That is a real Orca skull.
IMG_4098 IMG_4102


May Beauty in the Vegetable garden
IMG_4088 IMG_4087
We love our new signs made by Adam. People loved what we were serving at the Plant Sale too!