November 16, 2015

This little light of mine…

By Stowel Lake Farm

Jennifer and Liz made lanterns with the kids from Yurt Program this year. It is so satisfying to make new lanterns every year. We always pull out some of the old ones from past years but it seems creating every year has also become part of our tradition and it was fun to do it with the class.
Friday night was perfect for our walk – it wasn’t rainy or cold. We gathered around our big fire bowl in the courtyard and sang a few songs. Then, this year, we walked in silence, through the woods, in the dark, to another fire we’d set in a field. Gathering again, we sang some more, ate some cookies, generally enjoyed being together outside at night. Here are some shots of the night:
Gathering at dusk and lighting the lanterns.
The circle forming around the fire.
Out in the field…
Serving up the hot apple cider.
Ahhh, fire.

November 04, 2015

A glimpse into the Yurt Program

By Stowel Lake Farm

Another year is under way at the Yurt with a whole bunch of happy children.  Following are some wonderful pictures from a day in the life of a Stowel Lake Farm Yurt Program kid. Enjoy!
_DSC4060 _DSC3933 _DSC3856 _DSC4112
_DSC0762 _DSC0662 _DSC3921 _DSC3982 _DSC4377 _DSC4698 _DSC4275 _DSC4807 _DSC4715

IMG_2888 IMG_2891