Gumboots, Yoga & the beach

By Stowel Lake Farm

It is always good to get away, especially at this time of year when we are moving toward the darkest time. One of our favourite places to go at any time of year is the west coast. It’s a place where the waves come rolling in, the beach walks are endless and the weather unpredictable. A place where you can lose track of time and connect deeply with loved ones.

We were lucky that the November sun came out to greet us- we took the opportunity to go barefoot and do some yoga.


The beach art is so beautiful- here are just a few beauties….


Of course we ate wonderful food, slept, talked and laughed a lot too!

One Response to “Gumboots, Yoga & the beach”

  1. Luke Loiselle

    Lovely..lovely..lovely..Nice to see you girls having fun away from the farm. It is lovely blog you have here aand as I never seem to leave my house or thrifty’s nice to see the goings on on the farm. more please..ox