Clean-up Thursday

By Stowel Lake Farm

{Thursday is Community Day on our Farm}
I am grateful for:
the big white rooster
*nature and the variations of landscapes on this planet
*the green beans that I put in my freezer last summer (I will put even more away this coming season!)
*being able to go to San Francisco and attend a memorial service like I have never attended before – public, intimate and beautiful all at the same time
*my ability to be with pain and discomfort in my body and these candles lit this morning
*being here today and connecting with you all

Quite a few members of our community are away right now so our Thursdays are feeling small, peaceful and quiet. We are really in the season, this season of cleaning and clearing out and preparing for the coming spring. We were going to celebrate Imbolc this Thursday but Haidee was at home sick so we will wait until next week to burn our fire and celebrate the return of the sun. So we cleaned and cleaned.

Marsha and Noah put down fresh hay for the cows and chickens.

Lizzie cleaned he patio in front of the Barn (and the barbecue which was !!!!!).

Roman pressure washed the inside and outside of the moveable chicken house.

Nicola and Alinka cleaned and sorted through our “Swallow House” where we house pots and other gardening supplies. Devin (of course) worked away on our farm truck, which will be operating on the farm this year! (knock on wood.)

2 Responses to “Clean-up Thursday”

  1. JMLK

    great cleaning job everybody! It must be looking great around the farm now!