Darkest Day of the Year Thursday

By Stowel Lake Farm

{Thursday is Community Day on our Farm}
I am grateful for:
for my unfinished house because it is such a pleasure to work away on it.
*for Lisa’s idea to move the chickens- they were getting wet and needed a new dry area
for living in a 2 parent household- I am looking forward to The Daddy of the household returning
*for being a morning person as my kids wake up early and are ready to go!
*for having my boat in Burgoyne Bay and protected from the South Easterlies we have been getting lately
*for my husband having a secure job and us all being safe

Besides looking for Secret Santa presents, we spent most of this Thursday going through our retreat prep list and checking it twice. We are getting ready for our annual New Year’s Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Over 40 people will be arriving next week to bring in 2013 with silence and awareness. Most of the farmies are not silent, but we do appreciate the peace the emanates over the land.

We had delicious homemade bread for lunch.

And the children ran under Devin’s sails that are hung up to dry.

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