December 12, 2016

Winter snow

By Stowel Lake Farm

We are having quite a winter already and we are loving it! So many snow days for play and walking and enjoying the beauty of it all.

Walking in the road. So. Quiet.

Sledding, sledding and more sledding….

Good thing there is wood to stay warm:)

November 10, 2016


By Stowel Lake Farm


Just experienced the magic, the music, the connection, the tears, the laughter, the joy of three days of this….
Rising Appalachia
Luke Wallace
Dustin Thomas
Adam Dobres
Moira Smiley
Zavallennahh Huscroft
Love you guys!

David acknowledging this incredible group of musicians….

The RA set…

Jacob jammin on the keys. What an experience for these kids! A few of the musicians visited the yurt program to share music with the kids there too. Check out banjo time at the yurt with David….

See ya next time!


September 19, 2016


By Stowel Lake Farm

We had our annual trip to Garry & Bly’s last week to pick their Spartan apple tree. We do this every year in exchange for starts in the spring. The kids love it. Even though Garry and Bly live just down the road we don’t get down to their place much. We spend about half the time picking apples and the other half visiting, wandering through their garden, trying grapes and cherry tomatoes, checking out their beautiful fish and generally having a lovely time. We’re so grateful for that tree and all the apples it grows!
Up in the tree.
A really good apple.
Having fun on the “bridge”.

March 25, 2016

Workshop Week

By Stowel Lake Farm

Some photos from our Workshop week this year:


November 16, 2015

This little light of mine…

By Stowel Lake Farm

Jennifer and Liz made lanterns with the kids from Yurt Program this year. It is so satisfying to make new lanterns every year. We always pull out some of the old ones from past years but it seems creating every year has also become part of our tradition and it was fun to do it with the class.
Friday night was perfect for our walk – it wasn’t rainy or cold. We gathered around our big fire bowl in the courtyard and sang a few songs. Then, this year, we walked in silence, through the woods, in the dark, to another fire we’d set in a field. Gathering again, we sang some more, ate some cookies, generally enjoyed being together outside at night. Here are some shots of the night:
Gathering at dusk and lighting the lanterns.
The circle forming around the fire.
Out in the field…
Serving up the hot apple cider.
Ahhh, fire.

November 04, 2015

A glimpse into the Yurt Program

By Stowel Lake Farm

Another year is under way at the Yurt with a whole bunch of happy children.  Following are some wonderful pictures from a day in the life of a Stowel Lake Farm Yurt Program kid. Enjoy!
_DSC4060 _DSC3933 _DSC3856 _DSC4112
_DSC0762 _DSC0662 _DSC3921 _DSC3982 _DSC4377 _DSC4698 _DSC4275 _DSC4807 _DSC4715

IMG_2888 IMG_2891


September 28, 2015

Fall Farmer’s Feast

By Stowel Lake Farm

We hosted another successful Farmer’s Feast! Seats to this special dinner sold out quickly mostly to returning customers and their friends.  Haidee, our culinary master, spent many hours out in the field getting in touch with the vegetables available. We felt fortunate to pair this special dinner with Summerhill Winery. Pairing with an organic and biodynamic winery felt right philosophically as strict organic growing practices are of paramount importance to us. These dinners are unique in that we only serve the food we grow – if we don’t have it on the farm we don’t serve it. The beautiful, heirloom varieties of vegetables such as chioggia & golden beet, Nonno’s pole beans and Jimmy Nardello Peppers make the dinner unique and flavourful. But perhaps the most exciting this about this feast is that we were able to serve our own pork for the first time! Haidee, with the help of Morgan Cuddy and his smoker, did an excellent job and it was thoroughly enjoyed.
Scenes of setting up.
watts_4562 watts_4748
Some seasonal accessories!
Haidee prepping the crew…
Haidee sabres the champagne – a first for her!
Diona on the fiddle and our menu for the evening.
Crudite platters are ready to go.
Kitchen scenes.
watts_4971 watts_4986watts_4998
Warm and wonderful, upstairs in the Barn.
Everybody helping get the platters ready and out.
So many people involved – thank you to all who worked so hard and everybody who came out to enjoy!


August 28, 2015

Potato time!!!!

By Stowel Lake Farm

Another potato harvest came in yesterday. We had a great yield this year; 1600 lbs approximately. For years we have planted Yukon Gold; they are our faves for storage potatoes.
First we clear the mulch, load it onto a tarp and haul it off the garden.
Then we pick the potatoes that are sitting on the surface – often these are green and so we separate these out.
Sashah does the first pass with the chisels and the kids scramble behind grabbing potatoes before they get buried again. This happens over and over…
IMG_0498 IMG_0567 IMG_0539

Then we go through each bed picking and digging.
IMG_0559 IMG_0551 IMG_0544

The pile mounts and the sorting begins – compost, seconds, storage & for sale.
IMG_0563 IMG_0515 IMG_0511
The (heavy!) sacks are loaded into the truck to be weighed and put away for storage and for sale.