Fire Thursday

By Stowel Lake Farm

{Thursday is Community Day on our Farm}
I am grateful for:
the opportunity to work away in Portland and to be able to return to this beautiful place
*being one step closer to being a permanent resident of Salt Spring Island!
*talking with my son on the phone who I haven’t spoken to since the middle of December and for the incredible journey that he has been on
*having young children and enjoying the sweet moments that come with that – bed swapping in the night, quiet play in the early morning hours
*berries in my freezer
*the sun today

We celebrated Imbolc today (a little late due to illness) by lighting our burn pile, celebrating the fire, the return of the light, the time of honouring seeds and creative inspiration. We also had a huge list of jobs to accomplish today and managed to get through a good bit of it!

Matt, Noah and Liz cleaned out the (dreaded) shack, Matt and Noah tackling the heavy lifting and sorting through garbage while Liz came in for the sweep up.

Devin was back at work on the bush truck installing a very impressive looking drive shaft.

Haidee and Nicola dug up some Persicaria and potted it up for the plant sale. Look at the sunlight coming in the glasshouse – so, so good.

Some very serious dog walking went on for most of the morning.

Roman cleaned out the baby chick house in anticipation of spring chicks!

And finally we lunched down at the burn pile with hot dogs and all sorts of other yummy treats.

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