Frozen Thursday

By Stowel Lake Farm

{Thursday is Community Day on our Farm}
I am grateful for:
for the simple things in life that bring so much deep happiness
*for my freezer full of food
for the beautiful clear crisp days we have been having
*for all my friends- the ones that are here and the ones that have passed
*for the week after Christmas. It was peaceful, quiet and unscheduled
*for all those that looked after the retreat and made it run smoothly and beautifully

The whole farm was white with a thick layer of frost. These mornings are such a treat and invigorating. Our overwintering carrots were all snug under mulch. We planted them in early July and they were full grown by the fall. When winter weather was near and the risk of a big frost was looming we cut all the tops off and mulched the carrots for the winter.  The ground acts as a perfect cold storage all winter long. Even when we have very cold weather the dirt under the thick layer of mulch is loose and easy to dig in. The carrots were perfect and so delicious.

We harvested enough carrots for each of us to take a generous bag home. The damaged and ugly ones were roasted for our lunch.

The fixing of the greenhouse is almost there! The guys got a huge jump on it yesterday. The logs came from the forest and with a lots of hands went in fairly easily.
There us no way our greenhouse will be collapsing now!

We have been having a lot of mold issues with our garlic over the last number of years. So we have drastically reduced the amount planted (by about 90%). Last year we planted some in the greenhouse to see if it was better. It was- barely any mold. So this year we are doing the same. It is definitely a bit late to be planting, but it is still just OK to plant at this time of year. Now there should be just enough for us to use.  Pretty sad actually not to have the barn full of drying garlic in the summer- we’ll see how it does in the greenhouse this year.

We took some time to walk the property and all learn or get a refresher on some of the big farm systems. Here we are learning about the back up generator. With all the retreats and the community we need to have the ability to get water and some power in the event of an outage.

Fun playing with the ice at the lake.

what happens when you throw ice into the lake?

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