Noah’s Summer Photos

By Stowel Lake Farm

Noah is 12 and lives on the farm. He recently got a new camera. Here are some of his shots…
These are some of my favourite photos from the summer. I go out and work on the farm and if I see something amazing I’ll go get my camera. Sometimes I take my camera with me if I’m going our for a walk but not always. Some of my favourite things to take photos of are birds, our chickens and life on the farm.
A pear from Jennifer’s tree.
Seed peas drying in the glasshouse.
The tiller sits by the fresh tilled beds.
Filling up David Brown.
Preparing David Brown for making hay. (Noah Hart is 12 years old and spends most of his time out on the land or creating things with his hands.)

3 Responses to “Noah’s Summer Photos”

  1. Kerry Chalmers

    Exquisite photos~ I love the pear and the seed peas especially, you are very talented…

  2. Jane MacKenzie

    Wow, Noah these are really fine photos, I can tell you love the farm. I hope you continue to do more!