Late November Thursday

By Stowel Lake Farm

{Thursday is Community Day on our Farm}
I am grateful for:
spending time with my daughter
*the rain and exploring the running creeks
* 3 year old telling stories
*the winter sun on the beach
*having my Dad around and working together
* the children

Marsha discovered that the easiest method of cutting open the squash was with an axe.  It really is and took just minutes to cut open about  15 of them. We save seed from Burgess Buttercup squash each year- it is a rich and delicious variety of winter squash.

Look at all that seed! With the help of Jacob and Noah the seeds were clean in no time. They need to dry for a few days and then can be stored in a dry dark place until we package them or plant them in the Spring.

The rest of the day we packaged seeds, did some deep winter cleaning and…

…some forest riding.


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