Potato Time

By Stowel Lake Farm

Yesterday was our community potato harvest. We all participate in the planting, growing, weeding and harvesting of this crop. This harvest day is momentous and exciting as we pull all these edible treasures from the earth. We grow Yukon Gold variety as our storage potato and they store beautifully until April! Each family/individual takes home as many as they think they can go through in the winter (this ranges from 50lbs- 300lbs!) There is something very comforting about having abundant beautiful food put away for the winter.
We harvested about 1500lbs this year! The back of our truck was very full.

We use the chisels to loosen the potatoes and then dig with our hands. This way there is no damage from the digging forks.
Definitely a group effort!
Young barefoot farmers
A bed of potatoes.

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