preparing for Easter

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have been having fun preparing for Easter this year. Every year we get together and share wonderful food, an egg hunt, a treasure hunt and rejoice in the spring energy surrounding us.  It is a creative time for us on the farm.

Here are the boys blowing eggs. They were surprisingly good at it and so we have many beautiful blown eggs this year. m & a

The eggs were dyed using all natural dyes made from vegetables and spices. Because they were hollow I had to figure out a way to keep them submerged and the french press was the best tool! With the bigger french presses you can fit up to 4 eggs. Before I discovered this method I was balancing bowls and other weights in precarious positions- not so good. You can see I wrapped the eggs in pantyhose to hold on the leaves on to make designs and it works well.


Here are some of the outcomes. The blue ones are red cabbage, the brown is onion skins, the dark one a combination of the two and the greenish one is naturally that colour!


Here are some daffodil girls that will join us! Cute and easy to make.


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