carving pumpkins

By Stowel Lake Farm

The skies cleared for us to have our whole carving party outside this year! All the bits of pumpkin are meant to stay outside, right? We had an eighties fitness workout queen, a pretty girl, a lion, and some of the men folk grew some funky hair overnight.

Did you know that the carved pumpkin tradition stems from the Irish/Scottish tradition of warding off the evil spirit of Jack of the Lantern? Traditionally people carved faces into turnips and potatoes and placed them glowing beside their doorstep for protection. Once this tradition came to America people started using pumpkins because they were easier to carve.

It’s a bring your own pumpkin party!

Around the fire.

Cast iron, pumpkin seeds, salt, fire…yum.

The workout queen.

Soot face “paint”.

Soup pot!

The chickens clean-up.

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