Seeds Are Coming

By Stowel Lake Farm

At this time of year we enjoy so much abundance coming out of the garden, crisp cucumbers, tender zucchinis, yummy broccoli, sweet tomatoes and more. But slowly, ripening & drying on their vines and stalks, are our beloved seed crops that will feed us in the years to come. We have just started the process of collecting some of them but most need a bit more time or are happy to wait until we get a chance to bring them in. Above are our leeks with their beautiful seed heads and  a couple of varieties of peas drying on the trellis behind them.
We will be bringing this lettuce seed in very soon as it is one that the birds will discover!
If possible, peas are left on the vine until the pods are totally dry and crisp. Then they will be picked and separated.
Parsley going to seed. It’s looking like a very abundant harvest this year!
We have to sign our seed crops well or they will get eaten…

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