June 26, 2015

Deep Bay

By Stowel Lake Farm

The week our Yurt Program kids got to go to the VIU Deep Bay Marine Field Station for a field trip. They fit a lot into the time we were there. First we got to feed the fish.
Then we went to the touch tanks. We had to be very gentle with these animals.
Holding a sea cucumber.
We had to be very careful with theses prickly creatures!

IMG_9733 IMG_9742
Beautiful sea star.
Then we drew and built a habitat for a crab.

IMG_9815 IMG_9817 IMG_9827
Then it was out to the forest to look for colours…
…and newts in the pond!
Checking out sea creatures under the microscopes.

Holding a moon snail.
IMG_9866 IMG_9871Out on the beach looking for new crabs to take to the marine station.

Squid eggs found on the beach.
What a fabulous day! Thank you Michi & Amy.


April 15, 2014

New Members

By Stowel Lake Farm

Recently we have had the pleasure of welcoming hundreds of new beings to our farm! We have bees!
IMG_0748We have always been interested in having bees on the property, but not having a beekeeper living here it just wasn’t happening. So when we were approached last Fall by some friends that live up the road to keep their bees here we were quite intrigued and excited. The bees were moved here in March and already they are happy and thriving in their new location. When they opened the hives up after their long winter they were all very much alive.. We had to move far away to watch!
We are inspired by these incredible bees and are taking the opportunity to learn what we can from Sharon and Matt.

March 17, 2014

Chick House

By Stowel Lake Farm

Josh converted our really OLD hay wagon to a new chick house. It almost might have been easier to start from the ground up, but with Josh’s amazing skills we now have a PERFECT little mobile house that is big enough for the babies to grow in. It even comes with a window to look through!
Yesterday the chicks arrived by sea plane (very Salt Spring!). It is the fastest way to get the day old chicks to get to their new home. It was very exciting and as you can see they were greeted by a lot of us. We got 3 heritage varieties to try- New Hampshire, Barred Rocks and Light Sussex. Some will be our new layers and some the meat birds (the roosters). The kids and adults alike love to visit these babies everyday.
We dip each chick’s beak into echinacea as their first drink. This strengthens their immune system. Being Certified Organic we are not able to use the commercial vaccines.

September 24, 2013

Noah’s Summer Photos

By Stowel Lake Farm

Noah is 12 and lives on the farm. He recently got a new camera. Here are some of his shots…
These are some of my favourite photos from the summer. I go out and work on the farm and if I see something amazing I’ll go get my camera. Sometimes I take my camera with me if I’m going our for a walk but not always. Some of my favourite things to take photos of are birds, our chickens and life on the farm.
A pear from Jennifer’s tree.
Seed peas drying in the glasshouse.
The tiller sits by the fresh tilled beds.
Filling up David Brown.
Preparing David Brown for making hay. (Noah Hart is 12 years old and spends most of his time out on the land or creating things with his hands.)

May 31, 2013

Baby Ana

By Stowel Lake Farm

There is a lot of excitement around our new calf, Ana.  She came from Moonstruck farm and is very loved by everybody. Our old cow, Nina, who wasn’t able to have a calf of her own has even fallen for her and taken her on as one of her own. Ana has been persistent at suckling on Nina and believe it of not she has even started to produce a little bit of milk! Between Nina licking her and the children playing with her little Ana has adjusted very well to her new home on Stowel Lake Farm.IMG_2193 IMG_2128 IMG_2196 IMG_2150 IMG_2065