November 16, 2015

This little light of mine…

By Stowel Lake Farm

Jennifer and Liz made lanterns with the kids from Yurt Program this year. It is so satisfying to make new lanterns every year. We always pull out some of the old ones from past years but it seems creating every year has also become part of our tradition and it was fun to do it with the class.
Friday night was perfect for our walk – it wasn’t rainy or cold. We gathered around our big fire bowl in the courtyard and sang a few songs. Then, this year, we walked in silence, through the woods, in the dark, to another fire we’d set in a field. Gathering again, we sang some more, ate some cookies, generally enjoyed being together outside at night. Here are some shots of the night:
Gathering at dusk and lighting the lanterns.
The circle forming around the fire.
Out in the field…
Serving up the hot apple cider.
Ahhh, fire.

November 25, 2014

Kindling The Light

By Stowel Lake Farm

Our annual lantern walk was Sunday night. We had a big group this year – our  yurt program joined us with their families. The night was perfect, amidst days of rain we had a beautiful clear, starry night. As the group spread out across the land the field was aglow with flickering light moving through the darkness. It is always so special to see the creations that people come with.
This is one that Rachel Bevington made, gnomes walking through the light.
We all had a mug of hot apple cider and sang a few more songs around the fire before making our way to beds.
July 30, 2014


By Stowel Lake Farm

It was a full and fabulous week of Fiddlecamp last week. For the third summer in a row we have hosted Fiddlecamp put on by Zavellennah Huscroft and her band of incredible instructors. The farm is full to the brim with families and music and it is quite the event to witness and participate in. The schedule is packed from sun-up to sun-down with orchestra, classes, afternoon dances in the barn and then every evening a different event. Adults and children alike fall into bed every night tuckered out from the day.
Ze’s Brazilian instrument making.
Clay pumping up his group of singers in Songs of the South Sea Islands.
A packed house at Beaver Point Hall for Tuesday’s dancing….
…. with Karen calling and band playing!
The sea of instructors and students at orchestra every morning.

Jacob making a purchase at the very popular SNACK SHACK!
Matt keeping the beat during his samba class’s performance behind the barn.
The Friday night performance in the park. What a week!

May 05, 2014

Whale drawing

By Stowel Lake Farm

A few weeks ago I (Liz) was sitting around with some of the kids when Alex (who is 7) asked me if I could draw a blue whale. With pastels and paper right in front of me I could hardly refuse. So I drew my whale (he let me know when I missed fins and flippers) and then off he went and he has been drawing whales ever since – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL whales I have ever seen.
here are some of the first ones…
… and then the scenes and the whales evolved with big open mouths, baleen and the ocean…
… then the orcas appeared…
And there has been even more created since I’ve written this. Here’s Alex at work in his “studio”….

March 25, 2014

March Break Camp

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have been the lucky host of a Spring Break CAMP! The program has been run by Amy Caesar, a registered school teacher who is passionate about teaching.  Her goal with this program was to build foundational skills through play and exploration. Many of the farm kids have attended the program and others who did not attend simply enjoyed playing with the group at lunch time!
Some play a group game while one plays with numbers.

They have been lucky to have sunny days for outside lunchtime and play. Amy has organized many group outdoor games.
A fine display of the art created.
When next week goes back to normal I think we will miss this sweet little March Break camp!
Many thanks to Amy for your love of this work 🙂

March 11, 2014

Blessed by Matuto

By Stowel Lake Farm

Living here we are fortunate to host incredible and talented people. Last week we gave Matuto, a home away from home. Matuto, a multi-cultural band of 5 from NYC, stayed with us as they toured around this area getting everyone’s groove on. Their music is infectious, fun, energetic and inspiring. On their night off we shared some music and food. It was beautifully low key and they got all the children singing silly Brazillian tunes. Sometimes I revel in the beauty that drives through our red gates and shares the world with us. Clay Ross and Ze are two of the band members that will be teaching at fiddlecamp this year.
IMG_5962 IMG_5980

November 20, 2013

Winter Light

By Stowel Lake Farm

Our lantern walk is a simple and much anticipated event on the farm. The intention is to bring attention to our inner light as it gets darker and darker outside. We then walk together though the darkness singing songs. It is truly lovely.
Lanterns can be anything you want them to be- a bought lantern, a tin can with holes drilled in, a paper lantern, anything goes and they all look beautiful lit up in the dark. This year we experimented with making balloon lanterns. They ended up being quite easy to make.

A crafty lantern table with leaves, ripped tissue paper, glue.
Lanterns drying overnight. We popped the balloons when they were dry.
walking with my lantern’s walking with me

September 24, 2013

Noah’s Summer Photos

By Stowel Lake Farm

Noah is 12 and lives on the farm. He recently got a new camera. Here are some of his shots…
These are some of my favourite photos from the summer. I go out and work on the farm and if I see something amazing I’ll go get my camera. Sometimes I take my camera with me if I’m going our for a walk but not always. Some of my favourite things to take photos of are birds, our chickens and life on the farm.
A pear from Jennifer’s tree.
Seed peas drying in the glasshouse.
The tiller sits by the fresh tilled beds.
Filling up David Brown.
Preparing David Brown for making hay. (Noah Hart is 12 years old and spends most of his time out on the land or creating things with his hands.)

November 16, 2012

Art Show

By Stowel Lake Farm

We had our first ever Art Show on Tuesday. The inspiration was our lovely guest, guide and friend, Andrew Middlebrooks, who thought it would be a great new way for us to connect as a community. Everything and anything was welcome – drawing, painting, sculpture, a movement piece, music, poetry, an enactment of a dream or expression of personal myth.


A drawing by Andrew that came out of a dream.

Meagan played two very sweet songs with her beautiful voice and ukelele.

Jennifer embodied dance – dancing through different rhythms without music. Beautiful to witness and quite touching especially for people in the community who hadn’t seen Jennifer dance before.

Then we all got to dance! We had all just come in from whatever we were doing, being with kids, work, – Josh still has his knife and measuring tape on. Beauty.

Noah’s piece.

Matt shared his favourite poem and Drew read one that he had written and hadn’t shared yet, so was very tender for him.

Liz did a demostration of her yoga practice…..

 and had written some of what practice means to her on her arms and legs. (prayer, offering, joyful celebration, dance with God, stillness, the universe)

The scene in the Marley Room and the other art piece by Joshua, Jacob and Nicola.