November 16, 2015

This little light of mine…

By Stowel Lake Farm

Jennifer and Liz made lanterns with the kids from Yurt Program this year. It is so satisfying to make new lanterns every year. We always pull out some of the old ones from past years but it seems creating every year has also become part of our tradition and it was fun to do it with the class.
Friday night was perfect for our walk – it wasn’t rainy or cold. We gathered around our big fire bowl in the courtyard and sang a few songs. Then, this year, we walked in silence, through the woods, in the dark, to another fire we’d set in a field. Gathering again, we sang some more, ate some cookies, generally enjoyed being together outside at night. Here are some shots of the night:
Gathering at dusk and lighting the lanterns.
The circle forming around the fire.
Out in the field…
Serving up the hot apple cider.
Ahhh, fire.

June 20, 2015

Summer Solstice

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have had unusually hot, dry weather for the last few months. So we were all in a bit of shock when, on the day we chose for our annual summer solstice celebration and campout, it rained. We still managed to have lots of fun, silly times. Here are a few shots of our games – relay racing and a blindfolded animal game. The relay was very involved – hula hooping, potato sack, nail driving, chair weaving, skipping.

Nail driving

Skipping (with joy!)
The hula hoop
Potato sack exhaustion
IMG_9649 IMG_9651
Chair weaving
…found you!!
Are you the one I’m looking for?
Together at last!

November 25, 2014

Kindling The Light

By Stowel Lake Farm

Our annual lantern walk was Sunday night. We had a big group this year – our  yurt program joined us with their families. The night was perfect, amidst days of rain we had a beautiful clear, starry night. As the group spread out across the land the field was aglow with flickering light moving through the darkness. It is always so special to see the creations that people come with.
This is one that Rachel Bevington made, gnomes walking through the light.
We all had a mug of hot apple cider and sang a few more songs around the fire before making our way to beds.
December 23, 2013

Winter Solstice

By Stowel Lake Farm

Our Winter Solstice spiral is always a very intimate and special ceremony. We light the candles to welcome the light back into our northern world. It is an opportunity to set an intention for yourself or send a prayer for a loved one. We sing together and witness each other bring in the light.
This year we got a big beautiful snowfall the day we planned our gathering so there were far fewer people that were able to make it. This meant, of course, that there were many left over apple candles. So the children and adults were able to walk the spiral several times each. A few of the more keen children ended up placing upwards of 5 apple candles each. Happiness.
Here are some photos of the preparation and the night of.
IMG_2602 IMG_2585 2 IMG_2577 2
IMG_4774 IMG_4742 IMG_4729

November 20, 2013

Winter Light

By Stowel Lake Farm

Our lantern walk is a simple and much anticipated event on the farm. The intention is to bring attention to our inner light as it gets darker and darker outside. We then walk together though the darkness singing songs. It is truly lovely.
Lanterns can be anything you want them to be- a bought lantern, a tin can with holes drilled in, a paper lantern, anything goes and they all look beautiful lit up in the dark. This year we experimented with making balloon lanterns. They ended up being quite easy to make.

A crafty lantern table with leaves, ripped tissue paper, glue.
Lanterns drying overnight. We popped the balloons when they were dry.
walking with my lantern’s walking with me

November 05, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

By Stowel Lake Farm

It has become a tradition. Three years ago Jennifer and David had some people over to carve pumpkins together and now we have a official “pumpkin carving party”. This year it was a couple of days before Halloween. You can’t do it on Halloween – too much getting dressed up and ready to go out, but you can’t also do it too far in advance or you run the risk of rotten pumpkins. Our tradition now includes:
dressing up…
soup in a pumpkin (this year it was Hearty Winter Vegetable – soooo good!)….
fire…. and fireworks (no photo!) and fun.

October 28, 2013

with thanks

By Stowel Lake Farm

It was with great pleasure that the sun and autumn warmth joined us this Thanksgiving. We love to celebrate the earth and all the bounty outside as much as possible and the warmth allowed us to do so. We set up a long harvest table and decorated it with only beautiful found items on a morning walk around the farm. It is easy to do this in the fall with all the coloured leaves, apples, pears and quinces, rosehips, fall flowers and vegetables.
kids creating beauty
We create a gratitude table as a community for Thanksgiving. We all bring something that we are deeply thankful for and then take turns standing up and expressing the significance to the group. Because we have been doing this gratitude table for many years now the sharing is getting richer , deeper and more authentic.
Mushroom gratitude

8 yr old Addie made this willow weaving and he was grateful for patience, time and our ability to create.


June 21, 2013

Our Solstice Celebration

By Stowel Lake Farm

Summer Solstice is a special time for all of us. We relish in the long days and all the wonderful time spent outside working and playing.  So when thinking about celebrating Summer Solstice it seemed appropriate to be outside and play together. And so the idea of a farm camp out and games was born. We didn’t need to go far from home to have a completely different experience. In fact,  just going to our field by the lake was enough. The tents were set up all together and we cooked camp food over the fire. It was simple and easy and we were all there to be together in celebration of this high time. The kids went from tent to tent checking out all the different ‘bedrooms’.  And then the classic summer games began!
Setting up home for the night
IMG_9726roasting hotdogs- of course!
IMG_9729 The evening scene.
IMG_1842 The games started simple- just running.
IMG_1790 Then on to crab crawl…
IMG_1834Men’s sack race- crazy skills!
IMG_1837 Sack race finals!
IMG_1866 Adult child 3 legged races.
IMG_1904 Oh here comes trouble.
IMG_1871 and more trouble
IMG_1915 The kids are pretty strong around here.
IMG_1952 and the adults are pretty balanced.
IMG_9703After a story and guitar and singing around the fire it is time for in the tent
IMG_1988We were blessed by the summer sun and greeted it with some yoga.
IMG_1991 Happy Summer Solstice!

May 14, 2013

Plant Sale & Open House

By Stowel Lake Farm

We had a great day on Sunday! The weather was a little iffy in the morning, it was pouring at 9 o’clock! But it didn’t last and it was mostly warm and cloudy for the day. The food was delicious, the music was awesome and the Bush Truck tours were very popular. Here are some photos from the day. (Thank you Jan, for the last image of the children with Ana, our new calf.)
IMG_1446IMG_1477IMG_1460IMG_1433IMG_1420IMG_1560� Jan ManganIMG_1469

April 03, 2013

Farm Easter

By Stowel Lake Farm

IMG_9663We shared a wonderful Farm Easter. The sun was out and we were all warm- what a treat for an early Easter like this year. We feasted, we egg hunted, we treasure hunted, we visited, we ate some more and we felt the spring abundance. I think our photos tell the story.  Enjoy!