December 12, 2016

Winter snow

By Stowel Lake Farm

We are having quite a winter already and we are loving it! So many snow days for play and walking and enjoying the beauty of it all.

Walking in the road. So. Quiet.

Sledding, sledding and more sledding….

Good thing there is wood to stay warm:)

September 19, 2016


By Stowel Lake Farm

We had our annual trip to Garry & Bly’s last week to pick their Spartan apple tree. We do this every year in exchange for starts in the spring. The kids love it. Even though Garry and Bly live just down the road we don’t get down to their place much. We spend about half the time picking apples and the other half visiting, wandering through their garden, trying grapes and cherry tomatoes, checking out their beautiful fish and generally having a lovely time. We’re so grateful for that tree and all the apples it grows!
Up in the tree.
A really good apple.
Having fun on the “bridge”.

June 20, 2015

Summer Solstice

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have had unusually hot, dry weather for the last few months. So we were all in a bit of shock when, on the day we chose for our annual summer solstice celebration and campout, it rained. We still managed to have lots of fun, silly times. Here are a few shots of our games – relay racing and a blindfolded animal game. The relay was very involved – hula hooping, potato sack, nail driving, chair weaving, skipping.

Nail driving

Skipping (with joy!)
The hula hoop
Potato sack exhaustion
IMG_9649 IMG_9651
Chair weaving
…found you!!
Are you the one I’m looking for?
Together at last!

November 25, 2014

Kindling The Light

By Stowel Lake Farm

Our annual lantern walk was Sunday night. We had a big group this year – our  yurt program joined us with their families. The night was perfect, amidst days of rain we had a beautiful clear, starry night. As the group spread out across the land the field was aglow with flickering light moving through the darkness. It is always so special to see the creations that people come with.
This is one that Rachel Bevington made, gnomes walking through the light.
We all had a mug of hot apple cider and sang a few more songs around the fire before making our way to beds.
October 13, 2014

Our Yurt Program

By Stowel Lake Farm

IMG_2352IMG_2454IMG_2356Big News! A group of farm and island parents have come together to hold a distributed learning program on the farm this year! It is affiliated with a program called Island Discoveries out of Vancouver. We have 15 children participating the program ranging from K-Grade 3. We are thrilled to have the support of Amy Caesar, who is a registered BC teacher. Amy is passionate about play based learning and integrating the farm’s natural learning environment into the children’s learning plans. We also have many mentors and parents who come regularly to take whoever is there. The group is made up of many ‘farm’ children as well as many ‘off farm’ children. It is wonderful to see them all out on the farm learning about the forest as well as writing in their daily journals. Here are a few pictures from the first few weeks. Enjoy!


May 05, 2014

Whale drawing

By Stowel Lake Farm

A few weeks ago I (Liz) was sitting around with some of the kids when Alex (who is 7) asked me if I could draw a blue whale. With pastels and paper right in front of me I could hardly refuse. So I drew my whale (he let me know when I missed fins and flippers) and then off he went and he has been drawing whales ever since – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL whales I have ever seen.
here are some of the first ones…
… and then the scenes and the whales evolved with big open mouths, baleen and the ocean…
… then the orcas appeared…
And there has been even more created since I’ve written this. Here’s Alex at work in his “studio”….

March 25, 2014

March Break Camp

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have been the lucky host of a Spring Break CAMP! The program has been run by Amy Caesar, a registered school teacher who is passionate about teaching.  Her goal with this program was to build foundational skills through play and exploration. Many of the farm kids have attended the program and others who did not attend simply enjoyed playing with the group at lunch time!
Some play a group game while one plays with numbers.

They have been lucky to have sunny days for outside lunchtime and play. Amy has organized many group outdoor games.
A fine display of the art created.
When next week goes back to normal I think we will miss this sweet little March Break camp!
Many thanks to Amy for your love of this work 🙂

October 28, 2013

with thanks

By Stowel Lake Farm

It was with great pleasure that the sun and autumn warmth joined us this Thanksgiving. We love to celebrate the earth and all the bounty outside as much as possible and the warmth allowed us to do so. We set up a long harvest table and decorated it with only beautiful found items on a morning walk around the farm. It is easy to do this in the fall with all the coloured leaves, apples, pears and quinces, rosehips, fall flowers and vegetables.
kids creating beauty
We create a gratitude table as a community for Thanksgiving. We all bring something that we are deeply thankful for and then take turns standing up and expressing the significance to the group. Because we have been doing this gratitude table for many years now the sharing is getting richer , deeper and more authentic.
Mushroom gratitude

8 yr old Addie made this willow weaving and he was grateful for patience, time and our ability to create.


September 16, 2013

Fall Fair

By Stowel Lake Farm

Entering vegetables in a small town fall fair feels like it links us to the farming community of the past and the present. Admittedly it is a bit silly to try and find 6 tomatoes that are identical in shape colour and size or 8 carrots that are between 4-6 inches with matching tapers when we believe vegetables are better when they are not ‘perfect’.  That aspect aside it is fun to spend the morning before the fair choosing the best specimens and taking the time to marvel over the treasures that come out of the garden.
remembering what we entered and gathering the best of the best…
pretty peppers
our green peppers won 1st!
then of course there are the zucchini racers. This one stayed together the whole way down!
and a few rides are always part of the fair!

March 28, 2013

preparing for Easter

By Stowel Lake Farm

We have been having fun preparing for Easter this year. Every year we get together and share wonderful food, an egg hunt, a treasure hunt and rejoice in the spring energy surrounding us.  It is a creative time for us on the farm.

Here are the boys blowing eggs. They were surprisingly good at it and so we have many beautiful blown eggs this year. m & a

The eggs were dyed using all natural dyes made from vegetables and spices. Because they were hollow I had to figure out a way to keep them submerged and the french press was the best tool! With the bigger french presses you can fit up to 4 eggs. Before I discovered this method I was balancing bowls and other weights in precarious positions- not so good. You can see I wrapped the eggs in pantyhose to hold on the leaves on to make designs and it works well.


Here are some of the outcomes. The blue ones are red cabbage, the brown is onion skins, the dark one a combination of the two and the greenish one is naturally that colour!


Here are some daffodil girls that will join us! Cute and easy to make.