October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Yoga

By Stowel Lake Farm

with Dorothy Price, October 11 – 13.
2010 April 23-25, Stowel Lake Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC
It was a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the Farm. The colours of the trees, the mushrooms poking up all over the place, the changing gardens all made for a gorgeous setting for the retreat this past weekend. Still abundant veggie coming out of the garden filled our bellies and satisfied our souls. Dorothy led a peaceful retreat, fulfilling on so many levels. There was (and is) so much to be thankful for.

September 30, 2013

Harvest the Spirit

By Stowel Lake Farm

with Sue Horning & Emily Millen, September 26 – 29.
These groups always seem to be having the BEST TIME!!! I snagged these photos off their Unity Retreats website of this past retreat.
Picture 3
Here is a little summary of their autumn retreat:

One of the greatest challenges of modern day living is to live harmoniously with nature and the changing seasons. Autumn is a time to harvest the bounty we grew in summer, to store and prepare for the winter ahead, and is associated with the metal element, signifying contraction and introspection, as opposed to the upwards and outwards movement of the fiery summer. It is a time to reflect, to receive what is of essential worth, and to let go of what is not useful to us.
Picture 1

May 07, 2013

An Incredible Weekend of Yoga & Growth…

By Stowel Lake Farm

There isn’t another place in the world like Stowel Lake Farm. The people, the plants, the joyfulness of existence is draped in a colourful landscape of un-marred beauty. It’s not just the natural beauty of the place that brings healing, but the feeling of energy that emanates up from the soil in every part of the island that holds the key to peaceful reprieve from the scheduled world.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of work here. People bustle through the day to their Feldenchrist yoga class on Monday mornings (a mindfulness class with gentle somatic movements work to bring the spine to it’s optimal alignment). The soil is tilled. The kitchen alive with the aroma of creation.

And we brought our work with us.

Three days and three nights we spent gathering our intentions through journalling, mandala creation, yoga, yoga, and more yoga! The partners class brought people together in harmony, unity and collaboration. Laughter and joy exuded from the gorgeous light-filled hall.
Play is the main theme here: hoola hoops, slack-lining, and even a hammock for hanging around and doing nothing at all. Our schedule was structured but flexible, with time for a spontaneous trip to the lake for a quick jump off the dock. Who knew it would be this hot in early May?

The best part for me was Yin Yoga on the Saturday night, with chanting practice to vibrate and resonate the spirit, then deep stillness and silence to absorb all the energy we had stirred up with the partners play. My core deeply connected from the solid asana practice each morning.
mandalas 3
Plenty of quiet through breakfast as we mindfully woke and ate together in the morning sunshine, fresh delightful food of the earth – abundance of quinoa porridge, fresh scones, and yummy coffee. Breathing in the fresh air in the sunshine as we quietly shared the first meal of the day was a perfect way to open each morning.

The food, without exception was exquisitely full of everything you needed for a clean body – plenty of nuts and seeds, fresh salad greens, rice, homemade focaccia, muffins, and the to-die-for Green Goddess salad dressing. Oh my, such a lovely spread of food – chocolate cake and pavlova for dessert!
Overall, the group dynamics were inclusive and each person brought their unique flair to the experience. While plenty of fun was had, there was always a sense of the underpinning theme of intention setting and manifestation. In our closing circle, people shared their journalling with us and the fruitful expression of their own inner work. It was a potent, plentiful, and powerful sharing of self-awareness.

As I depart home for the ferry, seed pot in hand, I feel blessed by the sharing and connection that bonds the Spirit and breathe deeply into my body a sense of togetherness, sharing, and eternal unity. (- Sue Horning)

November 27, 2012

Gumboots, Yoga & the beach

By Stowel Lake Farm

It is always good to get away, especially at this time of year when we are moving toward the darkest time. One of our favourite places to go at any time of year is the west coast. It’s a place where the waves come rolling in, the beach walks are endless and the weather unpredictable. A place where you can lose track of time and connect deeply with loved ones.

We were lucky that the November sun came out to greet us- we took the opportunity to go barefoot and do some yoga.


The beach art is so beautiful- here are just a few beauties….


Of course we ate wonderful food, slept, talked and laughed a lot too!

November 14, 2012


By Stowel Lake Farm

We had 10 days of Joy-A-Toes everywhere! Developed over many years of experimentation by Gioia Irwin, Joy-a-Toes are toe spreaders that you can wear during your yoga practice and beyond. There have been reports of people taking a bath and sleeping with said toe spreaders. For the uninitiated they look pretty wierd but many who’ve tried them love them. I have been rocking the Joy-A-Toes for 3 or 4 years now and have found increased flexibility in my entire foot, more awareness of the individual toe lines, more sensitivity and openness. Plus if you’ve ever wondered what you are supposed to do with your feet when they’re not firmly planted on the ground (inversions, seated poses, etc.), joy-a-toes give you something to “root” into. They really have revolutionized my feet. I wear them daily and am contemplating getting some shoes that I can wear with my “toes” in….
If anyone has photos of any of the first incarnations of Gioia’s toe spreaders – please send!
lv. Liz
October 28, 2012

Santosha Yoga

By Stowel Lake Farm

What a great thing to do on a rainy October weekend! Dorothy Price’s weekend retreat, Yoga at the Farm, is happened this past weekend. Dorothy offers 3 or 4 weekend yoga retreats every year for beginner and more experienced practitioners. Her retreats are rejuvenating and fun, with lots of time for yoga, relaxing, hiking, kayaking or visiting the Saturday Market.

Dorothy specializes in small, intimate retreats so that she is able to attend to each student. She is a very experienced teacher whose calm, gentle nature puts all at ease. For more about Dorothy’s retreat go here.