This (Thursday)day

By Stowel Lake Farm

{Thursday is Community Day on our Farm}
I am grateful for:
seeing the sun today and for the extra light we are getting everyday
*being able to work in the workshop, set-up my projects and have access to all these great tools that make the job so much easier
for my woodshed and having wood for the winter (let the power go out, we’ll be just fine!)
*all the children on the farm and the delight they bring to my life
*being able to come back here after work, living here, surrounded by good people

It was a glorious day, this past Thursday – heavy frost in the morning but sunny and clear all day long. We tackled a few different jobs; a few small ones like pulling the canoe onto higher ground and getting some old wood on the burn pile, and some bigger ones like dividing up perennials and…

…picking up cow and llama manure for some extra compost material. Llamas are incredible creatures who repeatedly defecate in the same spots over and over, making it very convenient to pick up! We were all so happy to be out there doing this work thinking how good all this will be for the garden.

Nicola hard at work.

Frosty grasses

Loading it into the tractor.

Sitting enjoying the sun!

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