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Class Descriptions


January 16, February 20, March 13, April 17 – ONLY

Tuesday Night Drop-in Class:
Each class we will work our way through what is called a Wave, using the map of Gabrielle Roth’s dynamic movement practice the 5Rhythms®. The class will have a balance of instruction mixed with your own movement, whatever that might look like on any given day. Generally, a class will begin with a 20-30 minute warm up. This is an opportunity to arrive into the space and physically warm up our bodies so that we can listen. Music will playing, but little instruction. After that I will begin to guide the class through each of the Rhythms, Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. Some classes we will work with a theme or a specific Rhythm and others the group energy will guide the class. A large variety of music is played, all to get your body moving. There are no steps to learn no left or right, no counting, just your courageous heart, breath and body.
Time: 7:15-9:00
Cost: $10-15 drop-in
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Hiphop Dance
This class is pre-registration only.
Vani is a wonderful dancer and teacher and enjoys working with kids in particular.
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Shorei-Kan Karate
These classes are pre-registration only.
The Okinawan way, which is the traditional and true karate way, is (1) to never throw the first strike and (2) to always work for win-win solutions. In this sort of karate, such as Shorei-Kan, we don’t take part in tournaments, because they’re built on wanting to strike someone first to make them lose. Also, we learn very effective, street-smart techniques of self-defence that aren’t suitable to sport fighting. 
Go-ju means “hard-soft”. Hard can mean tough-guy stuff, but it also is like the sharp edges of printed capital letters, which is how we learn to print. As we advance, we learn cursive writing, then masters learn calligraphy, a beautiful, flowing mix of soft strokes and a few dramatic hard ones, just when they’re needed. So, too, with karate. The more masterful we become, the softer and more flowing our movements — and, surprisingly, the more effective our self-defence. 
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Vijnana Yoga Level 2 with Cathy Valentine

Calm the mind, open the heart, enliven the body, and lift your spirit through this practice of sitting meditation, pranayama and asana.

In Cathy’s classes we practice sitting meditation, pranayama and asana. Classes vary week to week – sometimes being more of a flowing practice and sometimes being more theoretically taught, usually a mix of both. You’ll have a good experience – calming the mind, opening the heart, enlivening the body, learning, and lifting your spirit.  Level 2 (suitable for people with at least one year of yoga experience & some familiarity with inversions)


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Hatha Flow Yoga with Dorothy Price

Balance energy and calm through the practice of Hatha Flow. Sustained poses flowing in a mindful progression from one to another are taught with a focus on basic principles, breathing and alignment. Dorothy teaches a variety of asanas and offers students a warm and supportive environment to explore at their own level. Attention is always given to basic principles and alignment. Modifications are offered to help individuals understand and work with their own unique limitations.  Mindfulness and focus on breath are an integral part of class.  Classes are balanced with energy, to give you a good physical work-out, and calm, to keep you balanced.

Learn more at http://www.dorothyoga.com.

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Yoga with Gay Meagley

Gay is skilled at teaching each student individually and has special interest in Yoga as a therapeutic tool.  Her classes accommodate all levels of experience. Gay combines yoga poses, breathing, chanting, philosophy, plus a healthy dose of humour to create her unique style of yoga.  Gay has been teaching yoga for over 30 years.

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Vijnana Yoga with Liz Young
Back in February
This class is mixed levels. At times it will be energetic and flowing and at other times more therapeutic in nature. Liz practices in the style of Vijnana which encourages ease in all poses and practicing from the inside. Liz also works with the Tensegrity Repair Series which is a series of repetitive movements that work on the facial web of the body restoring it’s elasticity and fluid quality.
We will also practice some sitting and pranayama is this class. Everyone welcome.


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Meditation with Heather Martin

This group meets at another location for 6 months of the year.

We practice for a 45 minute period of silent meditation, often with some instruction. Our understanding of the dharma, and aspects of our practice are then explored, either in the form of a dharma talk, questions and answers and/or discussion, often in small groups. As well as helping our inner growth, we make connections with others, and learn from one another.

The group is led by local teacher Heather Martin, or by one of our sangha members when Heather is away.

Every two months we socialize, drink tea and eat cookies. When the Moon is Full, we follow this with an extended evening of sitting and walking meditation until midnight – stay as long as you like. Please check the Vipassana Society’s NOTICE BOARD for upcoming dates.

Learn more at Salt Spring Vipassana Society’s web site: saltspringvipassana.ca

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Feldenkrais with Alice Friedman

Feldenkrais brings anatomy, physiology and physics together to help us learn from our own unique ways of moving. With new awareness we become empowered by a simple question: Is there a better way to do this?

Alice has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method for 20 years and  is most interested in deepening the awareness and connections to self and beyond and believes this process should be full of joyful curiousity.  She is also a Registered Psychologist and brings an extensive background in human development and movement to her work.  Alice is a Guild Certified Practitioner and authorized Assistant Trainer who has taught in professional trainings in Canada and internationally.

Learn more at http://www.feldenkraislearningmatters.com.

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Iyengar Yoga with Susan Bull

Six week session begins January 22nd.

This course will introduce the basic poses emphasizing mobility, stability, strength and postural alignment. Poses will include spinal, hip, shoulder and hamstring stretches as well as an introduction to standing poses, shoulder-stand, gentle twists, restorative yoga and breath awareness.

This course is for all ages and abilities and includes yoga poses that emphasize mobility, stability, strength and postural alignment along with breath awareness and relaxation. Restorative poses are taught during each class which are gentle,deep,and relaxing and involve the use of yoga props.
Susan’s classes adapt the poses to the needs and abilities of the individual student.

Susan Bull (Bachelor of Music, U.B.C. Social Work, U.B.C.)is a nationally certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with over 36 years of teaching experience. Susan studied directly with B.K.S. Iyengar in India and continues to study with national and international teachers. Susan has been invited to teach at Iyengar Yoga conferences in Canada and the USA, has offered workshops in Canada and the USA, and taught yoga for five summers at the National Voice Intensive at Simon Fraser University. Susan trained Iyengar yoga teachers in Vancouver and for the last twelve years taught at and co-directed Yoga Moves Studio in North Vancouver.

Cost: $120.00 for six weeks. $100.00 if you register by
To register phone Susan: 250-653-4474 or
e:mail: susanbull@shaw.ca

Private classes by appointment.

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