with thanks

By Stowel Lake Farm

It was with great pleasure that the sun and autumn warmth joined us this Thanksgiving. We love to celebrate the earth and all the bounty outside as much as possible and the warmth allowed us to do so. We set up a long harvest table and decorated it with only beautiful found items on a morning walk around the farm. It is easy to do this in the fall with all the coloured leaves, apples, pears and quinces, rosehips, fall flowers and vegetables.
kids creating beauty
We create a gratitude table as a community for Thanksgiving. We all bring something that we are deeply thankful for and then take turns standing up and expressing the significance to the group. Because we have been doing this gratitude table for many years now the sharing is getting richer , deeper and more authentic.
Mushroom gratitude

8 yr old Addie made this willow weaving and he was grateful for patience, time and our ability to create.


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